A hearing assessment will change your life

Hearing difficulties affect the quality of your life.

71% of hearing device users wish they had their hearing assessed earlier and received hearing devices sooner.

So, don’t delay – have your hearing assessed!

94% of hearing device users report an improved quality

of life (better social interactions and emotional health, improved work performance and less fatigue in the evenings). (Euro Trak 2018 Survey)

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Welcome to

The Art of Hearing

Hearing is an art. It is beautiful, it is complex, it connects you to your surroundings and it has a considerable impact on your emotions. Your perception of hearing is completely unique.  You have your own aspirations for using your hearing. This creates personal connections with your surroundings and with those around you.


The Art of Hearing involves not only you, it includes everyone you interact with and the perception of all sounds in your listening environments.  Essentially, the Art of Hearing is a core aspect of your daily life, forming the basic function of your communication and interaction. If your ability to communicate or interact is limited in any way as a result of hearing difficulty, your quality of life will be adversely affected.

At The Art of Hearing our goal is to accompany you, your family, friends and any other communication partners on your hearing journey. We will not use one standard approach to treat everyone’s hearing difficulty, but will consider your unique well being, your hobbies, your social and work environments to treat your hearing difficulty. We commit to understanding your perspectives and will consider your needs, abilities and preferences in order to design the best, personalised ear care solution for you.

Ear Care Services

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Ear hygiene and ear wax removal

Over 10 years’ experience in ear hygiene and wax removal. You can feel comfortable knowing your ears are in safe hands.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

You are not alone. We will support and work with you to develop individual plans to manage your tinnitus.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Hearing assessments

You will always be seen by a highly qualified Audiologist who will holistically explore your hearing difficulties.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Custom made noise protection

Specialised noise protection that will protect your hearing, but also allow you to hear important sounds like voices and music.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Solutions for hearing difficulties

Your individual needs, abilities and preferences will always be considered in order to design the best, personalised ear care solution for you.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Custom made earplugs

Specialised earplugs that will protect your ear canal and also block sounds you do not want to hear.

We Love What We Do

We will always treat you, like we would treat any of our loved ones

Ethos, Values and Behaviors


We encourage your honest feedback

We respect your opinions and relish the opportunity to use your feedback to make improvements to our care.


We love what we do.

We will always do what we say and promise to use your time efficiently.


Diverse Skills, Knowledge and Experience

You will always be seen by a fully qualified professional. We will constantly improve our care through consistently making time for reflection and learning, and keeping up to date with latest research and advances in technology.


Putting you first.

We are passionate about enabling shared decision-making. By understanding your perspectives and considering your needs, abilities and preferences, we can design the best personalised ear care solution for you.


Your lifestyle, your goals.

We embrace the challenge to deliver high quality, holistic ear care – striving for excellence by always embracing an innovative and forward-thinking approach.


You feel respected, included and cared for.

High ethical standards are embedded within our practice and we will always offer honest and transparent advice at all times.

Inspired by IDA

The Art of Hearing has been awarded the “Inspired by Ida” badge by the IDA Institute (the Hearing Co-operation): A Benchmark of Quality for Person-Centered Care

The Ida Institute (a non-profit organisation) believe and promote the fact that every person and every hearing loss is unique. The IDA Institute state that person-centered hearing care is designed around the person with hearing loss, respects individual preferences and values, involves family, and reinforces shared decision making and goal setting.

Their mission is to work with hearing care professionals from around the world to develop and integrate person-centered practice in hearing care. An award of these badges and signing the Ida Institute code of ethics expresses The Art of Hearing’s commitment to personalised ear care.

From the Director

This video was developed by asking people what they would like to know about Aarti Makan and her practice, The Art of Hearing.

  1. What makes you different from other retail or high street stores? (00:19)

  2. Why is your practice called The Art of Hearing? (01:27)

  3. What does personalised care mean to you? (02:36)

  4. What defines who you are? (04:26)

  5. Tell us some fun facts about you. (06:01)

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Email: aarti@theartofhearing.co.uk

Phone: (w) 0208 989 0881, (m) 0794 686 1929

Location: No. 9, The Shrubberies, George Lane, South Woodford, London, E18 1BD

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