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Hearing assessments by a fully qualified Audiologist, with longstanding expertise in diagnosis of hearing disorders

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A hearing test alone will not provide enough information on your hearing health – so we conduct assessments on all parts of the ear (outer, middle and inner ear) to fully assess your hearing health. If required, speech testing can be conducted to assess your hearing pathways to the brain

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Your hearing assessment will always be conducted by fully qualified and registered Audiologist with over 16 years’ experience

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Hearing Health Check (0h30 – 1h00): £80.00
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  • There are about 11 million people in the UK with hearing loss (1 in 6). This is expected to increase to 15.6 million by 2035.

  • On average people struggle with their hearing for about 10 years before seeking help.


These facts are bewildering because for many years, research has proven that hearing loss leads to impaired communication, impaired social engagement, social isolation, depression and dementia.


Why should you test your hearing?

  • Hearing loss just like other major chronic conditions, is greatly determined by social, nutritional and health factors, including genetic susceptibility. What was once deemed to be the inevitable effects of aging, hearing difficulties may in fact, in part, be due to an accumulation of lifestyle and health factors. A fully qualified audiologist can conduct an assessment and provide information about your individual hearing

  • Having a ‘baseline’ hearing test early on in life (18-20 years of age) provides an Audiologist with a frame of reference for your hearing tests later in life and equips Audiologists to offer personalised advice on your ear care

  • Modern daily living is increasing our exposure to noise.  A hearing test can detect early signs of noise damage and help prevent further hearing impairment

  • Hearing loss may be an early warning sign or red flag for other health conditions

  • Research has proven that if you treat your hearing loss (with hearing devices) you reduce the risk of developing dementia


Who should have their hearing assessed?

The answer is simple – everyone.  


How often should you test your hearing?

Hearing loss occurs gradually, so it may take you quite a few years to notice that you have a hearing loss. Regular hearing tests can identify your hearing difficulties early on so that you can either prevent any further hearing loss or treat the hearing difficulty and reduce the risk of other health related conditions.


Many say that you should have your hearing tested annually or bi-annually. However, how often you should test your hearing will depend on your individual health, nutritional, social and genetic factors. Once you have a baseline test or once you have your first hearing test, an Audiologist will recommend your personalised ear care plan.


Hearing screening

At The Art of Hearing we can do a shorter version of a hearing test (PTA) to get a brief overview of your hearing difficulty.  A full hearing assessment can then be prescribed based on the outcome of the screening test.


Full hearing assessment

Exploring your hearing difficulties is the first step in the process to effective, holistic and personalised ear care. At The Art of Hearing we commit to conducting a comprehensive assessment of your hearing taking into account your individual needs including your physical and mental well-being, and your work, hobby and social environments

Please note: Online tests are available which provide a quick answer, however these should not be relied on to purchase hearing devices. There are many factors that can influence online hearing test results (wax in your ear, quality of your speakers, quality of the sound, noise in the environment, etc.), these results should therefore always be treated with caution. If any online tests reveal a hearing difficulty, please ensure you book an appointment with a fully qualified Audiologist to determine the precise profile of your hearing ability.

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the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Ear examination (otoscopy/video otoscopy)

A hearing professional should always look at the outer part of your ear and in your ear canal before giving any advice or doing any assessments

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Pure tone audiometry (PTA)

The PTA is a hearing test that determines the precise profile of your hearing ability.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Immittance testing (tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing)

Immittance tests are usually conducted in combination with Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) to test the function of your middle ear.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Speech testing

Speech testing is conducted to measure your ability to recognise speech. This is a valuable tool which assists in determining the type of hearing device that will be best suited to your needs.

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