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Ear wax removal via microsuction using a professional ENT microscope!

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Ear wax removal alone does not guarantee healthy ears and hearing - so we include a hearing test and middle ear testing to fully assess your hearing health

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Microsuction is always conducted by a fully qualified and registered audiologist with over 16 years experience

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The production of ear wax is a completely natural process. Ear wax is produced in the outer part of your ear canal and is present mainly as a protective mechanism. It acts as a natural barrier that prevents dust and bacteria from entering the innermost parts of your ear.


Usually, your ears naturally expel ear wax and debris. However certain conditions accelerate the production of ear wax and it becomes difficult for your ears to expel the ear wax naturally. This can be caused by excess hair in the ear canal, small or narrow ear canals or some people simply produce excess ear wax naturally.


Too much ear wax can cause blockage of your ear and could result in earache, ringing and temporary hearing loss. Ear wax can be removed from your ears in two ways: micro suction and ear irrigation.


Symptoms you may experience if your ears are blocked with wax

  • Ear pain

  • Sound distortion (your own voice sounds different)

  • Feeling of stuffiness or fullness in the ear canal

  • Persistent itching

  • Unpleasant ear odour

  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

  • Discharge or liquid oozing from the ears

  • Hearing difficulty


If you are unable to access wax removal services from your GP surgery and require an urgent appointment, contact The Art of Hearing for more information or to book an appointment.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs


This is a safe and comfortable technique to remove your ear wax.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Ear irrigation

This method can sometimes be used when wax is too soft to be removed by micro-suction.

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