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Noise Protection

Expert, personalised recommendations for customised noise protection that suit your hearing levels and your needs!

High quality, customised noise protection

We pride ourselves in being an independent practice that truly values you! So will consistently ensure a unique approach to your ear care

Hearing assessment included

The choice of noise protection will depend on the level of your individual hearing – so we include a complete hearing test to provide appropriate recommendations for your noise protection

Your ears in safe hands

You will always be seen by a fully qualified and registered Audiologist with over 16 years’ experience

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If you are regularly exposed to loud noise or have been exposed to loud noise over a long period of time, the hair cells in your cochlea could be damaged. This means that your hearing acuity may be affected.  

You may have noise damage from your hobbies such as:

  • Use of firearms, such as shooting or hunting

  • Musician or DJ

  • Regularly play a musical instrument

  • Regularly attend music festivals or nightclubs


You may have occupational noise damage if you:

  • Work in a factory with loud or heavy machinery

  • Work as a builder on a building site

  • Employed within the armed forces

  • Employed as an aircraft engineer

  • Have an occupation as a DJ

  • Have an occupation as a musician

  • Employed as a hair stylist using hairdryers regularly

  • Are a dentist using dental drills regularly


You may have noise damage if you:

  • Are a motorsport enthusiast

  • Ride a motorcycle regularly

  • Regularly use personal devices for listening to music at unsafe levels


The louder the sounds, the shorter the time it takes for damage to occur to your hearing. It is vital that custom made noise-plugs are worn for exposure to sounds above 85 decibels.

Please note:  The list of loud noise environments above, is not exhaustive – if you are unsure or concerned about the level of noise you are exposed to, contact The Art of Hearing for complimentary advice or to book an appointment.  

Also see Types of Earplugs and How They Work

and How are custom earplugs or custom noise-plugs made


Unsure if you need support from an expert Audiologist?

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the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

DJ’s and musicians

As DJ’s and musicians, the most valuable instruments that enable you to continue in your profession are your ears.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Noise protection at work

Ensure your health and safety when working for industrial or commercial environments.

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Noise protection for recreational activities

Do you enjoy any of the following hobbies; regularly attend noisy clubs or festivals, motorsport enthusiast, hunting or use personal music devices at unsafe levels?

the art of hearing, ear wax removal, hearing aids, hearing test, ear plugs

Noise protection for motorcyclists

Wind and noise when riding a motorcycle can seriously damage your hearing.

It is crucial to choose a trusted independent practice and ensure you are seen by a fully qualified audiologist.  This is so your individual medical and physical well-being; your family, work, hobby and social environments and your technology preferences are all considered during your hearing assessment.

This will enable the audiologist to work with you to choose the best hearing device for you.

Which Logo.png.jpg

Which? surveyed more than 3100 individuals, about their experiences of buying and wearing hearing devices.  Questions focused on experience with customer care, quality of hearing tests, the product range available, suitability of the device and overall price. 

The Which? ® report shows that independent clinics were rated consistently higher than any other Hearcare retailers including: Boots, Specsavers, Hidden Hearing, Amplifon and Scrivens. Local Independent Audiologists like The Art of Hearing, rated the highest score of 87%!


**Table notes: Scores based on online survey conducted in April 2018 of 3183 Which? members.  Customer score is combination of overall satisfaction and likelihood that the person would recommend the provide to a friend. Star Ratings: Staff is based on professionalism and knowledge of staff; Testing is based on thoroughness of examination and testing; Product Rage is based on the rage of hearing aids offered; Hearing aid suitability rates the suitability of the hearing device for individual needs

Types and styles of hearing devices 

At The Art of Hearing, we understand that hearing difficulties are unique to you! Hearing difficulties affect not only you, but those around you and is intricately linked to your individual lifestyle (work and social lifestyle, hobbies, personal attributes, etc.) and individual health factors (personal nutrition, medical conditions, general health and genetic susceptibility).

So, we commit to working with you (and your family as required) and will consider your technology preferences to make recommendations for hearing devices that suit your individual needs and budgets.


At The Art of Hearing we offer the full range of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear hearing devices with a choice from the world’s leading hearing device manufacturers. We offer the following range of devices:



Hearing devices with the most advanced technology, artificial intelligence, rechargeable batteries, connectivity to other smart devices and supreme sound quality in all environments



Hearing devices for those who prefer to focus on superior sound quality and less on connectivity and technology



Hearing devices for those who feel they don't need the very latest technology, but still want a hearing device that's great value with superb quality of hearing in daily life


Phonak Hearing Devices

Founded in Switzerland in 1947 and has since been committed to changing lives through the development, production, and distribution of cutting-edge hearing solutions.

Phonak Mission: “We believe in changing lives and creating a world where life is for everyone. We are passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally.”

Phonak Values: Passionate, Engaging, Pioneering


Oticon Hearing Devices

This Danish company was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife suffered from hearing loss, Oticon was built on care and empathy from the very beginning.

Oticon Mission: To help people with hearing loss fulfil their potential while living the life they choose - with the hearing they have.

Oticon Promise: “That everything we do always begins with the people we are doing it for. We are not simply trying to help you hear more, but to live more.”

Oticon Commitment: People insight, Innovation, Empowering people


Bernafon Hearing Devices

Founded in 1946 by Hans Gfeller in Switzerland. 

Bernafon Purpose: “Together we empower people to hear and communicate better

Our brand purpose is the cornerstone of our business strategy and our commitment to the difference we aspire to make in the world – it’s both our starting point and our destination.”

Bernafon commitment: “We commit to the difference we aspire to make in the world with high-performance products, leading technology, and outstanding support. Bernafon audiologists and product specialists at our headquarters define innovative functionality for our hearing aids, fitting software, apps, and connectivity devices.”


Starkey Hearing Devices

This American company was founded in 1967 by William F. Austin with the simple premise, "Alone we can't do much. Together, we can change the world." Austin built the organization on his vision—So the World May Hear.

Starkey Hearing Technology Mission: “To bring people together and make lives richer by empowering individuals to reach their full potential in life. We are in the business of connecting people and changing lives. We believe being able to hear the world and the people around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing.”

Starkey Hearing Foundation: “We believe hearing is a vehicle to reflect caring and to improve the lives of individuals, their families, and communities. Starkey Hearing Foundation’s mission is to give the gift of hearing to those in need, empowering them to achieve their potential. By collaborating with governments, nongovernment organizations, and health leaders, our goal is to make hearing healthcare services more accessible for people around the world.”


ReSound GN Hearing Devices

Part of the GN Group, this Danish company has since 1943 improved the quality of life for people with hearing loss, their families and friends.

ReSound GN Mission: “ReSound constantly strives to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing so they can live rich, active and fulfilling lives.”

ReSound GN Challenge: “We strive to be experts in Audiology and hearing solutions, and combined with a strong focus in research and development, we empower you to hear more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible.”


Widex Hearing Devices

Widex is a family owned company founded in Denmark in 1956

Widex Mission: “To provide the absolute best hearing aids and customer services. We offer the most advanced, natural sound on the market. Our products let people connect and communicate easily. Helping people hear is our business.”

Widex values: Customers first, Pioneers, Reliable

Access to Work

Access to Work is a government funded scheme that helps people with a hearing difficulty to have equal access to workplaces.  


This scheme can help you if your hearing difficulty affects the way you do your job. It offers you and your employer advice and support with extra costs which may arise because of your needs. As a first step employers are required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to ensure you are not substantially disadvantaged when doing your job


The Art of Hearing can provide you with a hearing healthcare report with which Access to Work can use, to help you obtain hearing devices or equipment to suit your employment needs.


For more information visit the official website.

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