Earplugs for in-ear headphones

Are you someone who struggles keeping in-ear headphones or headphones that are supplied with your mobile device in your ears? You may have small or narrow ear canals which prevent a comfortable fit of these headphones, resulting in poor sound quality.


Custom made earplugs can be manufactured for your ears and specifically for your chosen in-ear headphones! A custom made earplug, ensures a comfortable fit and a better sound quality. A custom made earplug for your in-ear headphones will also protect your ears from noise damage. Because of the secure fit, there is less background noise entering your ears.  As such you are less likely to turn the volume up to damaging levels.


For earplugs for in-ear headphones

  • Your choice of in-ear headphones

  • The Art of hearing takes impression of your ear

  • We send your impression with your in-ear headphones to a manufacturer

  • You receive a customised plug which is removeable (i.e. you can still opt to use your in-ear headphone without the custom plug)


To find out more, contact The Art of Hearing for an ear examination and discussion about the type of custom made ear plugs that will suit your music listening needs.

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